Entering Holy Week

I recently had a dream about a hooded, dark, and very silent figure.  In the dream I am quite frightened, and I woke with a start. Our bedroom  is never fully dark because we sleep with the curtains pulled back.  That night the bedroom door was open about halfway.  The ever present streetlight was shining through the window, and the light shone on the door.  The light coming through the window formed a cross there.  I was surprised how much comfort I found in that image.

Preaching about the cross is seldom easy, and the temptation is to muster all the energy we possibly can and bolt right into Easter with a staunch determination to land and stay there.  Yet, to do so is to dismiss Christ’s struggles, and our own, as something less than sacred.   As I think about that nocturnal figure of the dream and the awakening to the cross, I realize that in order to see that cross we must experience both darkness and light.  Indeed, that is the nature of the cross.  It is both an all encompassing darkness and a saving light.

Life will have its way with us, and our struggles will always lead us to the cross.  Yet, the journey never stops there.  It continues.  The Light always appears, beckoning us ever on.  This is the Easter story.  Please remember that that we do not end at the tomb, no matter how silent or suffocating the tomb may seem.  God has called you into being, and your light is very good.  Come celebrate your light at New Community of Faith.  We would love to celebrate God’s light with you.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness doesn’t extinguish the light.  
John 1:5

Rev. Sue-Ann


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