Acts 2:12 They were all surprised and bewildered.  Some asked each other, “What does this mean?”   (Common English Bible)

Let’s face it.  Life is often surprising, bewildering, confusing, even frightening at times.  The wonderful gift of Pentecost, often celebrated as the birth of the Church, is the reminder that the Holy Spirit continues to stir things up, continues to surprise us, and yes, can even frightens us if we are determined to be try to be in absolute control.  One of the most wonderful gifts of worshiping in community is the gift of being bewildered together.  At New Community of Faith, we will never ask you to accept one right answer, but rather invite to you to join us as we ponder a wonderful array of bewildering, and stunningly beautiful questions that spark lively worship, intriguing conversations, and heartfelt prayers.  Hard and fast answers seldom bring us closer to  God.  Questions, on the other hand, often do just that, as long as we dedicate ourselves to trying to listen, experience, and live out the answers.

If you find yourself tiring of being bewildered by yourself, come join us as we celebrate the Holy Spirit among us.  Together, we can take part in God’s promise of visions, of dreams, of exploring new ways of really taking part in God’s good creation.   We would love to hear and experience how God is calling you today.   Sunday worship begins at 11:15.   Come join the celebration.  No answers required.

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1 Response to Pentecost!

  1. TJ Yarbrough says:

    Way to go. I’ve been handed pat, wrote, one size fits all answers most of my life by Christians. I think a lot of those ‘answers’ make us want to go elsewhere with our Questions. May you find peace in the quest.

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