We of New Commu…

We of New Community of Faith, and no doubt our neighbors as well, are grateful for the community group, Transition San Jose, for generously sharing their expertise and volunteer hours to help with the landscaping of the front area of our church.  Our goal is to begin to create a space that is beautiful, but not something that must be maintained by intensive watering, and the use of pesticides and fertilizers. We believe that our environment and society cannot sustain such high maintenance landscaping, and to try to do so is simply not good stewardship of God’s gift to us all. Transition San Jose is showing us how to meet these goals, and they are very willing to help anyone interested in creating sustainable landscapes and gardens.  All are welcome to come and learn with us.   

Transition San Jose describes themselves as “a group of dedicated volunteers who are committed to finding beneficial and effective ways that the residents, neighborhoods, and communities of San Jose can gracefully adapt to the challenges of our changing world. We use creativity and collaboration to raise awareness, connect with others and celebrate the transition toward a sustainable future.”   
Two work days are currently planned for October 13th and 20th and the schedule is listed below.  All are welcome to come and learn with us!  Come for an hour, one day, or both days.      
 9 am – Education on soil building, water retention, and preparation.  
10:30 – 1:00 creating the landscape    


Questions?  Just give us a call!   

Rev. Sue Ann  


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