Sunday, January 20

This coming Sunday the community will be hosting a guest worship leader.  Come be inspired!    God is calling you by name!
Patricia Wood is an ex-electronics engineer with a degree in English and Art from San Jose State, and her Master of Divinity at Pacific School of Religion. She is Minister to the Community from Skyland Community Church, UCC, in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Her current work includes founding and guiding Mountain Neighbors Helping Neighbors, ( a volunteer non-profit in the mountains above Los Gatos and Santa Cruz which provides neighborly services to elders and others to support them continuing to live in their beloved community. Patricia lives with her spouse, Brian, and two cats, Baby and Bunny, up among the redwoods. She has two delightful grandchildren, two awesome sons, and two wonderful daughters-in-love. Her current favorite word is, “Breathe.”
Our topic for the 20th will be:
you shall be called My Delight, for the Lord delights in you” Is 62:4


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