The Invitation

In John 20:16, Mary Magdalene does not recognize Jesus until he calls her name.  This is true for most of us.  In our distractions, busyness, and concerns, we often do not recognize Christ among us, partly because we simply forget to look and listen.    Easter is a beautiful reminder that life, not death, is eternal and that Christ is always reaching out to us, inviting us to take part in God’s wondrous love.   Easter helps us to pay attention.

Resurrection always happens and Jesus is here.  Blessed be.   Come spend Easter morning with us.  Worship will begin at 11:15 and there will be a potluck afterwards.  You would be most welcomed.   Your name is being called!

Rev. Sue Ann

A colleague sent this beautiful poem this morning.  In gratitude, I share it with you.

Jesus is here, and he wants to resurrect somebody!
I called through your door,
“The mystics are gathering
in the street. Come out!”

“Leave me alone.
I’m sick.”
“I don’t care if you’re dead!
Jesus is here, and he wants
to resurrect somebody!”



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