More Than a Trim

We are dedicating the first three Sundays in July to the story of Naaman’s journey to healing in 2 Kings 5:1-19.   Naaman, like most of us, finds himself needing to let go of his preconceived ideas of what healing should look like.  That is not easy for one of his stature.  After all, he is a commander in the army of the king of Aram.  He is described as valiant. He has known victory.   He has wealth and prestige.

He also has a skin disease.  So, following a tip from a servant, he journeys to Israel to find a cure.

Our society is full of tips on how and where to find healing.  However, as Naaman’s story suggests, we must be willing to take the steps necessary to allow God’s healing to take place within us.  Most of us, like Naaman, are thinking that we do not have to give up very much  in order to heal.  We sometimes approach it like we would a haircut: “Just a little off the top and the sides – not too much, please.”

However, God sometimes has bigger plans for us than just a tidy, barely noticeable trim.   Sometimes God is ready for a full makeover.   When that happens, we might not recognize ourselves, at least at first.  That can be more than a little frightening.  Maybe this healing thing is just not worth the nakedness and vulnerability that God seems to be requiring.

Yet, sooner or later, we will all struggle with the need to heal.  Whether we are needing emotional, mental, or physical healing, we, like Naaman, will pack all of our stuff and go seeking. This time, let’s try setting down some of the heavy burden of trying to be who we think we are, in order that we might become who God hopes us to be.    There, and only there, will we find the healing we are yearning for.

Blessed be.

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