Who Are We?

This devotion comes to us through the daily Still Speaking Devotion.    We do take on many roles in this life, but in truth, we have only one role:  that as beloved children of God.  We continue to be given the gift of Jesus so we always have a star to follow.  We have also been given the gift of one another, so we never travel alone.   We need not fear the darkness.

Who Am I?

Tony Robinson

“Praise God, sun and moon: praise God, all you shining stars! Praise God, all the angels; praise God all God’s host.” – Psalm 148

Martin Luther described sin as life curved in upon itself. The theme of today’s psalm, praise, is pretty much the opposite of that. Praise is life opened out, expansive, a jubilant response to a gracious and astonishing God. What’s especially wonderful about this psalm of praise is that it includes all creation in the great chorus. Perhaps this is part of the reason that many of the manger scenes we see at this time of year aren’t limited to human beings alone. They include sheep and goats, a donkey or a cow. They unfold beneath the starry sky and sheltering trees. Sometimes it can seem that all creation is somehow caught up and united in praise of God.

Such experiences tell us something about who we truly are. At one time or another, most of us wonder what life is really about and why we are here. We may think of ourselves as producers or professionals, as family members or citizens. All of these are important and have their place. But most of all we are, I think, worshippers. Whether kneeling at some manger, shouting praise unto the highest heavens, murmuring our gratitude before mystery, we are worshippers. And the reason for our praise? While we were yet sinners, Christ has come for us; while we were yet far off, Christ has come to us.


“Unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Savior who is Christ the Lord.” And for this we praise you this day and all our days. Amen.

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