Epiphany Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Twelfth Day of Christmas, Epiphany, or the Celebration of the Three Kings, much like the rest of Christmas, is a hodge-podge of beliefs, customs, celebrations, and gift giving.   And also, like Christmas, Epiphany is a season, lasting right up until Ash Wednesday.  In other words, our new sightings and understandings (Epiphany can be translated as revelation or sudden insight) may not all come at once, so we can be patient.

In the beautiful story of the magi in Matthew 2:1-12, the gift-bearers are not numbered and they are not named.   There is no further mention of them or the gifts that they brought.  Yet, we cannot help but be inspired by this mysterious tale of dreams, daring, and outlandish gifts.  Perhaps because we, too, are called to boldness and generosity, and a willingness to go forth? Let us set our compass and follow.  Let’s be counted among those who came.  There is plenty of room in this story for us all, and the Light of Christ still shines.  Blessed be.

For someone on earth will see the star, 

Someone will hear the angel voices,

Someone will run to Bethlehem,

Someone will know peace and goodwill,

The Christ will be born!

From Christmas Comes by Ann Weems

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