Accepting the Invitation

For in wisdom must praise be uttered, and God will make it prosper.  Sirach 15:10

In the Hebrew Scriptures and the Apocrypha, the voice of wisdom is female.   In Proverbs 8 we read of wisdom being present at the time of all creation, at the very beginning of God’s work.  We also read of her “rejoicing in God’s inhabited world and delighting in the human race” (Proverbs 8:31).   While wisdom does have some dire warnings for those who choose not to seek her, nonetheless she is always setting a banquet for us, and calling us to partake of her feast of understanding and insight.  A very tempting invitation, and I am not certain why we do not accept this delightful invitation more often.

Each of us is given wisdom.  It comes from our very own lives, so it is unique, and can help sustain us throughout our lives.  However, too often, we simply disregard this sacred gift.  In the early mornings, I often  run through a school yard close to my home.   Invariably, I will spot at least one or two jackets children have left behind from the previous day.   These garments were needed in the morning chill, but in the warmth of the afternoon, in the midst of play, they were set aside and forgotten.  Of course, the morning chill will always return.   The children will eventually learn this.  That is the beginning of wisdom.

Creator. Wisdom. Spirit.   Always moving, always with us, always leading us.  Let us learn to take delight in this, and grow wise.

Rev. Sue Ann


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