The Journey Continues

The first Sunday of Lent is March 9.   We will begin the service with ashes, and then a blessing.  Jesus’ ministry had deep roots in the forty days he spent in the desert.  Despite his hunger and thirst which probably set in rather quickly, he calmly rejected the temptation of food, power, even magic that would enable him to fly. However, Jesus knew that, no matter how enticing the temptations were, they would never make him invincible. Such omnipotence is for God alone.  Therefore, he faced each temptation with a heart resolute in the simplicity of faith.

Lent is a time to recognize where our own resolutions may be falling short.  A time to recognize where the distractions and temptations of these times are proving to be incredibly disappointing.    A time to seek refuge in the stillness of God rather than the whirlwind of our habits.

Come join us during this season.  As Rumi said so eloquently in the prayer below, we do not journey in despair. We know that no matter how many times we fail to keep our good resolutions, God is with us.  We are not a lost cause.

Blessed be.

Rev. Sue Ann

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