Who Is in Our Midst

The beautiful post-resurrection stories are integral in helping us to begin to understand the living body of Christ today, of which we are all a part.  Most of the time when Christ appears among his disciples, he is appears to be very ordinary.  However, in Luke 24:36, Jesus startles, and even frightens the disciples because he appears right in their midst – in the middle of their conversation.  As we continue our Lenten journeys, let us contemplate that we are not making room in our hearts and lives for a second coming.  We are making room for the Christ that appears in all our ordinariness – the one who is not a ghost but who has flesh and bones.  The one who tries to come in peace; the one who asks, “Have you anything to eat? ”     

The questions for all of us are how is God calling us to be present in the living body of Christ today?  How are we being called to serve?  What is our deepest hunger and thirst? While we humans think we are looking for a quick, one size fits all answer so we can “get on with things,”  what we may really be yearning for is not so much an answer, but a way of living with, and responding to those who are already in our midst.  Those we can readily love and those we are tempted to cast out.  No, it is not always easy, but together we just might find the way to the Christ among us today.  

Come journey with us when you can.   We have The Guide, but your light would be helpful indeed.   

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