Re-Membering To Give Thanks

Autumn Pumpkin

Bidden or not bidden, God is present – Carl Jung

Every year, someone will inevitably tell me that he or she likes Thanksgiving because, “It is not a religious holiday. We just get together, eat a good meal, and maybe watch some games.” Such statements always make me smile.   These are rituals, rooted in gratitude, with the table at the center. In other words, religion.   Maybe it is time to elevate our thinking about the day, and the meal.

At the communion table that is Thanksgiving, we remember that we are more alike than different, and that this commonality is worth celebrating.  Often, we are reminded of our brokenness, but we can also experience God re-membering us in some very surprising ways.  We learn to accept that we are loved just the way we are, and so are the people who sometimes irritate us beyond belief.

This year, let’s have the courage to intentionally host the Christ among us. Let us set a table where no one is turned away, and where everyone has a place, regardless of their beliefs, their lifestyles, or whom they love.   If it seems that everyone is out of town but you, go serve dinner at a local church or homeless shelter.  Spend time with a lonely elder.  These Thanksgiving tables may not look like something that is going to be showcased in a cooking magazine, but God’s love will be shining in you, front and center, right where it should be.

That is good religion, and will make for a mighty fine meal.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Rev. Sue Ann

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