On Sunday, February 15 , we will be celebrating Transfiguration Sunday.  More importantly, we will be celebrating the Jesus who always came down from the mountain, who crossed the lake, who came into town, who left the garden.  The Jesus who came down from the cross to walk among his people once more, and even to cook them breakfast by the lake.
Then on Feb. 22nd, we will accept our ashes, our dust to “dustness” and honor our own pain and suffering as we begin our journey into Lent.  We will not be worshiping our struggles, but learning to accept them, and to pause and give some thought about what they may be teaching us.
The liturgical color for Lent is purple.  This photograph seems appropriate for out of our Lenten  season can come a rich and verdant ordinary time.   The continuing cycles of fasts, feasts, and the ordinary can help us to live in balance.  We learn to not hoard the feasts for even the finest repast will grow stale.  We also learn to not identify too closely with the fasts for we know they are not forever either.  We can then begin to understand that the ordinary should be savored as the sacred and wondrous gift that it is.
Blessings to each of you in your Lenten journey.  Come join us when you can.
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