The Journey

Last Sunday  I was blessed to read the eulogy at a memorial service for Joyce Akers, an elder I had met several times, but did not know due to her advanced Alzheimer’s.  Several generations of friends and family were present. How wonderful to hear her vibrant life remembered by so many. This poem was on the back of the printed worship service and I did not see it until yesterday.   I think it fits all our journeys.  They certainly vary, but in so many ways are the same.


Bridge to Future 

Roads that wind round canyon walls
Like corridors round learning halls
Points of light there on the ground
Will draw you with familiar sounds
Gather there the tools you need
Advice is there for you to heed
Spread the word as given you
And do the work you’re supposed to do
Travel where your heart does tell
Let your knowledge serve you well
Things will flow as to their course
You need not fear, or push, or force
All things come as time dictates
Though time has come for what you wait
The door is open once again
A bridge for futures now and then.   

Robert Langley   

The Bridge

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