Sunday, March 15

As I forward this devotion, I am hearing a great deal of bird song in the air.  It is beautiful and restores my soul.   These birds are doing what God has created them to do.  My prayer is that we are all able declare our presence in this world in a welcoming, creative way.   I don’t sing well enough to call it harmonious, but I think that is exactly what God hears when we come together.

On Sunday, March 15 please join us for our book discussion beginning at 10:15.  We will be discussing everyone’s favorite topic, rejection.  How do we move forward from what we understand as rejection? Does rejection have the last word?  Jesus’ life tells me no, but let’s talk about it.And finally, just a reminder that if you are so inclined, please share in worship your favorite encouraging scripture in worship tomorrow.   If you cannot be with us but want to share your scripture, just drop me a note.

Peace in the journey,
Sue Ann

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Feel Your Heart Beat

Psalm 107:1-3, 17-22

This spring is quite a busy season for me.  I am struggling between many roles that I can’t run away from. This busy life forces me to live following a strict order for my work. The first thing always in my head is to make sure that my work is done correctly.  Follow a time table; make sure there are no mistakes; then, go forward to another task.  No reflection; no gratitude; and no Sabbath.  Work demands that I pay attention only to it.  At times, work can be very jealous.  When I cannot focus on it, work responds to me with chaos, disorder, and mistakes.

However, when I break my obsessive relationship that I have with my work, I can see something new; I can hear new sounds.  There is something more important than work itself.  I think the Lenten season is all about making a break, establishing a new relationship, and remembering who has given us all things — remembering who I am, and remembering that I am a living creation.

As I read Psalm 107, I let my all schedules and concerns go, and I just enjoy my breath and heartbeat for a few minutes.  I try to listen the sounds my body makes, my heartbeat, my breath, even my stomach, and so on.

How can my heart keep beating?  How can I keep breathing?  Here is another living miracle. “God rescues us from grave.”  A little bit of time for sensing my inner sounds makes me new.  Remembering makes us new.  Remembering gives us space for gratitude.

Wherever you are in your busy day, I invite you to listen for your heartbeat.  It can be a good first step for finding an inner rhythm that can lead you to a way of gratitude.

“Give thanks to God, for God is good.  God’s steadfast love endures forever.” Amen.

Daniel Jihun Kim
SFTS M.Div. Student

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