It Is Still Easter!

Bede's Easter

An Easter insight by Bede Griffiths (d.1993):

“Christ had to go through death in order to enter the new world, the world of communion with God. We have to go through death with him, both as individuals and as societies.

It is the only way.

This is the challenge that faces the world today. We are passing out of one world, the world of Western domination. Something new is emerging. Our patriarchal culture is being challenged at every level. It is a moment of trauma, of birth. And in these great movements of change we can discern the purposes of God and of [God’s] Kingdom. ”

I thank Diana Butler Bass for this quote.   Perhaps our vision of God, of Christ, of the church, and one another is just too small.   Letting go of our treasured ideas is seldom easy, but if we do it together, we can then grow together.  Yes, it is still the Easter season.  Come wonder and grow with us.

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