One for the Other

On Sunday, June 7, we will be sharing, not only communion, but our thoughts about what communion means to us.  Our service will be held around the table, and we will share a potluck lunch afterwards.  All are welcome to join us.   There is always room.

I include part of a post from my blog,  Please know you are welcome to come say yes to the invitation with us!  None of us completely understand the mystery that is faith, communion, Christ, Spirit, and God.  We never will, at least in this lifetime.  That does not mean we should not answer yes to the invitation.   When you fall in love, do you not say yes to the mystery?

The last time, and this was a few years ago, when Roger said he was not worthy to accept communion, I decided to come clean.  “Roger, I go back and forth. Sometimes, I think all of us are worthy, and other times I think all of us are not. Regardless, I am convinced that we are all in this together, and because we are in this together, we are offered this gift of communion.  I, for one, cannot refuse it.”  He paused, and then said yes.  And he has every time since then.

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