Psalm 5

Psalm 5
Through the abundance of your steadfast love 
I shall enter your house; 
I shall worship in your holy temple 
with reverence for You. 
Lead me, O my Beloved, in your mercy 
lighten my fears; 
make your way straight before me 
that I may follow. 
For there is no truth in fear; 
it leads to down downfall; 
it opens the door to loneliness;
it speaks not with integrity, 
but out of ignorance;
Let this guilt I bear, my Beloved, 
be seen in your light;
forgive the many false ways I have, 
surround them with your love, 
for they keep me separated from You.  
Psalm 5, 
Psalms for Praying, Nan C. Merrill     
Let us stop being afraid of one another.  Let us stop being afraid of another’s skin color, faith practices, sexual orientation, or health conditions.  Let us stop waging war on one another and our world.  Let us stop seeking death and isolation, but rather turn from these ways to a deeper connection to one another.  Let us be Jesus in this world.  He left us with the blueprint.  We can do this.  We can learn to love.       
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