I have been pondering the Rule of St. Benedict, and I hope I will be saying that for the rest of my life. In the preface of the 1980 translation of the Rule, Rev. Timothy Fry, OSB writes: “In the unsettled, strife-torn Italy of the sixth century, Benedict’s Rule offered definitive direction and established an ordered way of life that gave security and stability. He sought to ‘lay down nothing harsh, nothing burdensome,’ but was intent on encouraging the person entering the monastery.”

We all know people who delight in passing on bad news, often without even checking to see if that news is true. The first word of the Rule is “Listen.” This practice is important for us to heed. We can pause ask ourselves: “What is the source of our news? Will it actually be helpful for me to share this? Will the sharing actually be of encouragement to others?” We then listen for the answer to surface. Sometimes what we will hear is a quiet “No.”Let us always tend to one another with care. Within each of us is a beautiful pearl of great price. We will hear about this pearl on Sunday as we read, and hopefully listen to parts of Matthew 13. It is my belief that pearl is our very soul. This beautiful pearl is the light that we should not bury, but rather let it shine. There is nothing more valuable than the Christ within each soul.

May you dedicate some listening time to God today and always,

Rev. Sue Ann

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