Staying in Touch

On Saturday, my husband needed to make a delivery to a restaurant here in San Leandro. I had not yet had lunch and I knew they had a patio, so I decided to go with him. It was so pleasant to sit, eat a sandwich that someone else had made, and watch people. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood, and there was much laughter and conversation. Before the pandemic, this experience might have seemed rather ordinary, even mundane. However, today, even with everyone still masked, felt like a holiday

Earlier this week I also had a wonderful conversation with a good friend over Zoom. We have been getting together this way about once a week for awhile now. She lives a couple of hours away, so even before the pandemic we did not get together very often, but rather relied on email and phone calls to stay in touch. Like our Sunday services, Zoom has allowed us to see one another’s faces, and what a blessing that has been. At times it seems as if there is no distance at all between us. Perhaps one of the lessons of this time is that even in a pandemic God continues to call us together. Whether we come together virtually or in person, we are connected. The Body of Christ knows no boundaries. We are woven together into a great expanse of love that is vast and yet so close. May we never take any of this for granted.

Love and Blessings,

Rev. Sue Ann

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