How To Let Go

“Submit yourselves to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw near to God, and God will draw near to you.”

James 4:7-8   

 My “devil” is procrastination. I am often slow to take on what I perceive to be a difficult task. The irony is that procrastination takes an inordinate amount of energy and resources to maintain. Like any addiction, it has to be fed continually. Often, far more energy is needed to procrastinate than to simply do what needs to be done. It is a heavy burden because we have to continue to carry that which is incomplete or undone. We can end up carrying so much that things can end up either not being finished well, or dropped and forgotten about. 

 Yet, we always have a resource to help us. We can remember Jesus in the desert. When faced with temptations, he relied completely on God. He held on to the teachings and refused to succumb to the illusion that he could be powerful and mighty. He knew that was not his path, so he did not walk it. He refused to pick that burden up.   May we all have the wisdom to know when and what we should resist. There are often some unresolved issues and projects that God asks us to hold for a while. Our lives are works in progress. However, one of the gifts of prayer is that prayer can help us discern and prioritize what God wants us to take on, and when. I think what God always wants us to do first is to draw near to God. There we will find the wisdom and courage to take on what needs to be taken on. The rest we can confidently leave to God.  

 Prayer:  Holy God, too often we make things difficult for ourselves and those around us because we try to carry too much. Help us to decide what truly needs to be done and to trust that you will help us complete those tasks. We thank you because so often you bring us help through one another. You remind us that we seldom need to do everything ourselves. Help us to not turn our illusions of independence into idols that only increase our burdens. May we remember that to be in Christ is to be in relationship. Knowing that we journey together, may we stay open to one another and to be thankful for one another. We know that in that gratitude, we are giving thanks to you.  

 In loving gratitude we pray, Amen 

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