Let’s Talk

This morning I was able to hear part of a keynote address by the African American activist and author Ruby Sales. I so appreciated her encouragement to create a Beloved Community, rather than a world compartmentalized by the color of our skin or our preferred sexual partners. I am over simplifying, so let us talk about this on Sunday. I think New Community of Faith has always taken a position that we all are beloved children of God. However, I think we always need to look at what does it mean to live in a nation run by a few billionaires? What language are we using? Are we being encouraged to come together or to remain completely separate? What are the implications of each? What is the role of technology and who is being left behind as more jobs become automated? How is God calling God’s people to be in this world? How do we tend to this earth so that all children (human and otherwise) will be able to grow into who God is calling them to be? Let’s talk.

We continue to meet both in person and on Zoom. When we gather for worship in person, we ask that everyone to adhere to these protocols for the health and safety of the community. If for some reason you cannot, you are welcome to join us via Zoom.

  1. We will continue to meet outside. We won’t be singing, but Rusty and Richard will alternate Sundays to play piano for us.
  2. No gathering in Room 1 and no sharing of food. However, all are welcome to bring their own lunch or snacks. Bringing your own filled water bottle is highly recommended.
  3. Physical distancing is to be maintained. If you have not been vaccinated, please wear a mask. May we all do what we can to make certain everyone can stay healthy.

God continues to call God’s people together. Blessed be.

Rev. Sue Ann

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