How precious is your love, O God! We take refuge in the shadow of your wings. We feast on the rich food of your house; from your delightful stream you give us drink. For with you is the fountain of life, and in your light we see light.  Psalm 36:8-10  

 Last Sunday we talked about setting our lamp out on the lampstand with determination and purpose. Our conversation has stayed with me, so I am not surprised that when this morning as I was watching our dog make his way down the stairs, I was reminded of this psalm. His vision is poor, but he gets around quite well. I was also reminded of a conversation I had some years ago with a gifted pianist and composer. He mentioned that one of his early teachers was blind. I cannot remember if she had ever had sight, but regardless I found the story compelling because he also said that she helped him see and understand the keyboard in a way that he never forgot. He and I really did not get to go into a deeper discussion, but our short conversation has stayed with me. I suspect that her “seeing” was deeply rooted in hearing, not only the notes, but the space between the notes. I also suspect that she trusted her hands to know the way. The fact that her teachings stayed with him all these years is a beautiful testimony to the tenacity of life. I would have loved to have watched and listened to one of her lessons. 

 This psalm reminds us that light is a gift from God. We can share this light with others, but we can’t generate it on our own, nor can we hoard it. We can, however, continually return to our fountain of life that is within. Whether we believe this light and love comes from God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, or another sacred name does not really matter. What matters is that we learn to trust that such love freely shines for all. Let us learn to pay attention to it. That is how we can find our way to one another and to God.


Rev. Sue Ann

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