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Rev. Sue Ann YarboroghWelcome to New Community of Faith, where we share our understandings and experiences of God, worship this amazing God together, pray for God’s creation, work on behalf of God’s children and are strengthened in our faith journeys.

Please join us as we welcome Interim Pastor Sue Ann Yarbrough, a graduate of San Francisco Theological Seminary and an ordained United Church of Christ minister, to our community. In addition to serving as Director of Chaplaincy Services of SpiritCare Ministry to Seniors, Rev. Sue Ann also serves on the Executive Board of the Santa Clara Association of the Northern California Conference of the United Church of Christ.

Contact Rev. Yarbrough at revyarbrough@gmail.com

Rev. Yarbrough blogs at www.hearthpsalms.blogspot.com/


Dona Smith-PowersRev. Dona Smith-Powers
Rev. Dona Smith-Powers is an ecumenical minister who directs seniors’ groups in three churches – Methodist, Presbyterian, and American Baptist.   She also assists with worship at NCF by playing the piano and occasional preaching. Dona attended Pacific School of Religion and American Baptist Seminary of the West, and is ordained in the American Baptist tradition.Dona believes that:

Music in the church is not just entertainment. It is a means to connect people with one another in community and with their Creator. Therefore, the instruments should never overpower the people, but should be part of the team. Hymns need to be carefully chosen and “singable.” The words of hymns need to reflect the theology of the the gathered community.

Richard Urbanek Richard Urbanek



2 Responses to Who We Are

  1. tyler yarbrough says:

    I love it. When you open the website, WHOSOEVER blasts you in the face with the rainbow of colors. That’s just huge. The rest of the content only serves to reinforce the image, message and culture of NCoF. Nicely done.

  2. bill says:

    Have to update pics to , other than that we are a good church who welcome all.

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